Cosmic Poems

Cosmic Poems by Poette is a collection of 333 1/1 poems living on the Ethereum blockchain. Each poem has been uniquely channeled through the cosmos, typewritten, and photographed with organic materials, body parts, and cosmic lighting.

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Welcome to Cosmic Poems by Poette

Cosmic Poems is Poette's genesis NFT collection consisting of 333 typewritten and photographed 1 of 1 poems.

p e r f e c t i o n

p e r f e c t i o n

Searching Deep

Searching Deep



Three Eyes

Three Eyes

Cosmic Visions

Cosmic Treasure

3 poems in the collection are a puzzle to unlock 3 different MetaMask wallets, which hold NFTs of other collections and art sponsored by community members and artists. Hints to break the puzzle and unlock the treasure chest will only be given to holders of these 3 poems after all 333 poems are minted.

33 Gifts

33 poems in the collection hold a special token to schedule a 1 on 1 intuitive session to commission a personalized poem by Poette, which will be airdropped to the redeemer.


Cosmic Poems continues to grow a community where poets feel empowered to share their words on the blockchain. Cosmic Poems has been cultivating a community of poets and seekers through regularly scheduled open mic events both virtually and IRL.

Additionally, Cosmic Poems plans on launching the first on-chain poetry anthology, consisting of literature from crypto poets and crypto-curious poets.


Winter Affair

Meet our team

About Poette

Poette has been alchemizing words since the age of seven, and continues to embrace the journey that her heart and soul has desired.

In February 2021, within a dark winter abyss, Poette discovered a (metaphysical) treasure chest of poetic inspiration. She seeked out a typewriter, named her Melody, took Melody to Venice Beach boardwalk, and to date has given thousands of intuitive readings in poetry formation to Venice's locals, tourists, and inbetweens.

Poette is now taking her poetry onto the blockchain, with the intention of inspiring others to make a digital energetic encounter with Divine.

Her poetry touches on the topics of spirituality, love, healing, and the matrix.

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